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Gospels and the Gospel
ISBN13: 9780922802784
ISBN: 0922802785
List Price: $24.95
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC

This small volume of short sketches is put forward with the very modest purpose of roughly chronicling a moment in the ever changing fortunes of opinion occasioned by the persistent inroads of scientific research into the domain of theological traditions. The chronicling is neither that of a scientist, nor of a theologian, but of a friendly spectator, who, as a devoted lover of both Science and Religion, has no partisan interest to serve, and, as a believer in the blessings of that true tolerance which permits perfect liberty in all matters of opinion and belief, has no desire to dictate to others what their decision should be on any one of the many controversial points touched upon. Contents: A Glimpse at the History of the Evolution of Biblical Criticism; The 'Word of God' and the 'Lower Criticism'; The Nature of the Tradition of the Gospel Autographs; Autobiographical Traces in the Existing Documents; An Examination of the Earliest Outer Evidence; The Present Position of the Synoptical Problem; The Credibility of the Synoptists; The Johannine Problem; Summary of the Evidence from all Sources; The Life Side of Christianity; The Gospel of the Living Christ.