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Les Routiers British Hotels & Restaurants 2006: The Road to Good Food (Les Routiers in Britain Guides)

ISBN13: 9780900057236
ISBN: 0900057238
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $18.95
Publisher: Les Routiers Guides
Published Date:
Pages: 280

The Les Routiers British Hotels & Restaurants Guide 2006 is a portfolio of approximately 250 character hotels, restaurants, B&B's, tea shops and farm shops, gathered together under a driving theme. Adopting the user-friendly guide format, emphasis is placed on local and regional foods and ales. Sections include: Eating out in Britain-today and yesterday -- How retro food from the 1950s is cooking up a storm on menus today, and is far more appetizing than the nostalgic incarnations. Anita Chaudhuri, feature writer for London's Sunday Times, looks at how classics recipes have been given a modern spin at Les Routiers establishments, which have taken dishes such as prawn cocktails and steak Diane to new heights using quality, local ingredients. How to order like a wine buff-Wine expert Julie Arkell, who has written several books on wine, demystifies a typical wine list, showing readers how to spot the good choices from overpriced plonk and which wines are worth splashing out on for special occasions. She also gives tasting notes for the key grapes and picks out the wine varieties and producers that are on the way up and those on the way down. Food survey -- eating out in Britain today, and why battered fish and chips is not our favorite dish... Les Routiers Editor Melanie Leyshon puts together an exclusive snapshot of eating out habits around Britain, compiled from surveys sent to Les Routiers members. We list the nation's favorite dishes, from starters to puddings to the favorite wines and soft drinks. Les Routiers members also list the most annoying customer habits -- prepare to be shocked and amused. And much, much more, including color maps and full details of each property featured.