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Military Ethics and Professionalism: A Collection of Essays (National Security Essay)

ISBN13: 9780898751710
ISBN: 0898751713
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $22.5
Publisher: Univ Pr of the Pacific
Published Date:
Pages: 116

This book brings together a collection of authors who approach a single issue, military ethics and professionalism, from very different directions. Although each essay focuses on a different aspect, one senses a common frustration that something has been lost or changed and that the present situation is unsatisfactory.

The first essay is a philosophical look at the ethical patterns Americans tend to develop. The final essay provides a critical analysis of the marriage of high technology and modern management that has produced today's sophisticated battlefield environment and its resultant demand for exceedingly skilled people. These two essays nicely introduce and complete the perspectives developed in the middle three essays. Two of these works attack the abuse of statistics, either as a moral issue or as a cover-up for incompetence. One criticized the recently popular substitution of managers for leaders in military environments.