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Extended Massive Orgasm: How You Can Give and Receive Intense Sexual Pleasure (Positively Sexual)

ISBN13: 9780897932899
ISBN: 0897932897
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.95
Publisher: Hunter House
Published Date:
Edition 1ST
Pages: 256
Average Goodreads rating: 4.24/5 (47 ratings)

Couples who know how to give each other extreme intimate pleasure enjoy plenty of other benefits, including reduced stress and increased closeness. In this hands-on guide to getting it right, behavioral scientists Steve and Vera Bodansky describe how to give and receive remarkable orgasms, taking the experience of sex to a new level of enjoyment. Focusing primarily on women but addressing the needs of men as well, they cover anatomy in detail, address inhibitions and fears, suggest useful exercises, recommend the best positions, and most of all offer insightful advice for every technique covered. While the authors include emotional and psychological components of a relationship, they focus on how and where to touch a partner to produce the most pleasure. No matter how long a couple has been together, it's never too late - or too early - to greatly enhance sexual response.