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American Paintings of the Nineteenth Century: Part I (National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogues) (Pt. 1)

ISBN13: 9780894682155
ISBN: 0894682156
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $170.0
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Published Date:
Pages: 484
Average Goodreads rating: 4.33/5 (3 ratings)

In the age of Charles Darwin and John Ruskin, nineteenth-century American artists sought to imitate the truths of nature. Works such as Albert Bierstadt's "Lake Lucerne," Frederic Edwin Church's "Morning in the Tropics," Thomas Cole's "Voyage of Life" series, and Asher B. Durand's "Forest in the Morning Light" are examples of the certainty of vision and faith in the nation's destiny that prevailed during this period of great expansion in America. Winslow Homer's "Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)," one of nine paintings by the artist in the Gallery's collection, is discussed, as are several works by Thomas Eakins, including "The Biglin Brothers Racing," which was inspired by the first pair-oared race in America.