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Philosophical and Theological Writings
ISBN13: 9780872204720
ISBN: 0872204723
List Price: $14.95
Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company

This volume provides new translations of Rosenzweig's central writings on theology and philosophy, including his famous letter to Rudolph Ehrenberg known as the 'Urzelle' to The Star of Redemption; the conclusion to Rosenzweig's book, Hegel and the State; and his essay, 'The New Thinking.' The works collected here are essential for understanding Rosenzweig, Weimar theology and philosophy, German idealism, and the existential reaction of the period. Franks and Morgan have provided extensive notes to the translations, which are organized chronologically, and they have interpolated Rosenzweig's texts with chapter length commentaries, which situate the texts, interpret them, and explore Rosenzweig's intellectual career.