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The Territorial Army, 1906-1940 (Royal Historical Society Studies in History)

ISBN13: 9780861932085
ISBN: 0861932080
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $70.0
Publisher: Royal Historical Society
Published Date:
Pages: 282

The Territorial Army was established by R.B. Haldane in 1907, the British expression of the continental concept of the nation in arms. study examines the changing status of the Territorial Army within the British military system and its place in British defence policy in the twentieth century. Dr Dennis Traces the early difficulties of the Territorials, their experience in the First World War, the controversies of post-war reconstitution, the continuing debate over their role, and the problems of recruiting at both local and national levels. He provides a fascinating picture of one element in the British military system, the demands made upon it by the War Office and its efforts to protect itself.