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The Culture of Change: Case Studies of Improving Schools in Singapore and London (Bedford Way Papers)

ISBN13: 9780854736065
ISBN: 0854736069
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $29.0
Publisher: Institute of Education
Published Date:
Pages: 165

Two pairs of schools, in London and Singapore, were chosen for this comparative study of approaches to the challenge of improving achievement. All the schools seemed to be achieving against the odds, with pupils who were relatively disadvantaged in their society. The research team of educational researchers, business people and other professionals looked at the schools' successes and achievements in the face of adversity, the strategies that enabled them to improve, and the continuing challenges that they face. The book first explores the context of schooling in Singapore and London, showing the differences and similarities between the two education systems. The research is presented as a series of case studies in the book's central chapters, and it concludes with a discussion of the improvement strategies adopted by the schools in relation to their different cultural contexts.