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String of Pearls
ISBN13: 9780852342800
ISBN: 0852342802
List Price: $9.99
Publisher: Evangelical Press

Psalm 119, lavishly described as 'twenty two pearls upon one string', is concerned with the Word of God and, like a precious jewel, it displays the many facets, lights and aspects of that Word. It has been well said that this psalm is a prolonged meditation upon the excellence of God's Word and its effects, and the strength and happiness it gives to those on whose hearts it is engraved. In a day when the doctrine of Scripture is under so much attack, how important it is that we take our views of God's Word actually from God's Word itself! Richard Brooks, whose writings are characterized by clarity and warmth, provides a way into the psalm that gives the reader encouragment to study and meditate upon the Scriptures.