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Hammond World Atlas

ISBN13: 9780843718362
ISBN: 0843718366
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $75.0
Publisher: Hammond World Atlas Corporation
Published Date:
Edition 4
Pages: 408
Average Goodreads rating: 4.22/5 (6 ratings)

More than half a million copies sold worldwide, Hammond World Atlas Sixth Edition is fully updated for 2010 Completely revised and updated, Hammond's venerable world atlas contains twenty more pages than the previous edition, new photos, and a font change at the same great price. This atlas contains full-color, accurate, easy-to-read world maps with striking physical relief and the latest country information. The newly updated "Did You Know," "Info Zone," and "Green Alert" callouts contain informative, insightful commentary throughout the atlas. The "Countries of the World" section has been expanded with the most current status of the world's nations, world statistics, updated population figures, and stunning photography. The continent introductory spreads have been revised to include world updates such as the earthquake in Haiti and the updated satellite image section adds a compelling visual perspective to the world's geographical features. This is the most current comprehensive World Atlas available and makes the perfect gift for any home or office library.