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Friends without Benefits: What Teens Need to Know About a Great Sex LIfe (Teen Mania)
ISBN13: 9780830747177
ISBN: 0830747176
List Price: $9.99
Publisher: Gospel Light

Teens today face a bombardment of the glorification of promiscuous sex from every side. From MTV images and music lyrics to television programs popular with teens, the message communicated is that everyone is doing it and those abstaining from sex are abnormal. Seeking to stand up for teens and exhort them to speak out against sexual immorality is the youth organization, Teen Mania. In The Sex Book, founder Ron Luce encourages youth to pursue purity while still sharing the dirt on sex that they need to hear. With their identities and self images at stake, teens need a message like this. Not what feels good, but what is right. Not what is tempting, but what is true. Designed for teens, here are honest stories and discussion of issues they need to hear, before it's too late.