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Law: Key Concepts in Philosophy
ISBN13: 9780826478214
ISBN: 0826478212
List Price: $120.0
Publisher: Continuum

The philosophy of law inquiry into the origins, nature and theory of laws and legal principles, and those concepts that structure the practice of law is of great importance in moral and political philosophy, as well as being a major area of philosophical concern in its own right. Clear, concise and comprehensive, this is the ideal introduction to the philosophy of law for those studying it for the first time. Drawing upon both the analytic Anglo American and Continental schools of philosophy, Law: Key Concepts in Philosophy summarises the work of key thinkers in the philosophy of law, including Rousseau, Hobbes, Austin, Hegel, Mill, Marx, Dworkin and Rawls. It provides lucid and thorough explication and analysis of central concerns in legal philosophy, covering criminal law, civil law and constitutional law. Finally, the text also addresses key issues in contemporary philosophy of law, including human rights, international law and questions of race and gender.