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Crazy Cars (Motor Mania)

ISBN13: 9780822565659
ISBN: 082256565X
List Price: $26.6
Publisher: Lerner Publications
Published Date:
Pages: 48
Average Goodreads rating: 3.20/5 (5 ratings)

What is a crazy car? Its any car that is unusual, wild, or cutting edge. Crazy cars include cars that can float, fly, or drive on three wheels. They are productmobiles that are built to draw attention and sell products, art cars that are one-of-a-kind moving masterpieces, and custom cars and concept cars designed to grab peoples attention. In this book, you will learn about some of the wildest and craziest vehicles ever built, clubs where people get together to have fun with their favorite vehicles, what a microcar is, and who invented some of these machines.