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The Complete World Development Report 1978-2010 (Multiple User DVD)

ISBN13: 9780821380390
ISBN: 0821380397
List Price: $399.0
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Published Date:
Edition 30 DVD Anv

Published annually since 1978, the World Development Report has long been an influential publication and an essential reference on the world economy and the state of economic and social development. Each year's report focuses on a specific topic in development such as labor, infrastructure, the role of the state, transitional economies, health, the environment, agriculture, or poverty. The Complete World Development Report, 1978-2010 brings together the full texts of all 32 yearly reports in an easy-to-use, fully searchable digital archive. This DVD allows users to explore, search, and view every page of every report as it originally appeared. It contains: A powerful search engine to easily and quickly locate information at a granular level - both within and across volumes All 32 reports in HTML for targeted search results, as well as in high-quality PDFs A Web-style interface with dropdown menus and clear navigation throughout Browsing features of all reports by title, year, and topic An up-to-date database derived from World Development Indicators 2009, providing direct access to more than 50 development indicators, with time series data for 208 countries and 18 country groups Shahid Yusuf's masterful essay Development Economics through the Decades: A Critical Look at 30 Years of the World Development Report. With commentaries by Angus Deaton, Kemal Dervis, William Easterly, Takatoshi, Ito, and Joseph E. Stiglitz. Providing a comprehensive assessment of three decades of global development issues, The Complete World Development Report, 1978-2010 will serve as an excellent reference tool for charting the evolution of thinking, policymaking, and practice in the field of development. This user-friendly resource will be invaluable to anyone interested in understanding today's most pressing development issues and the world's most critical challenge: putting an end to global poverty.