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Investing With Confidence: Understanding Political Risk Management in the 21st Century

ISBN13: 9780821378939
ISBN: 0821378937
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $35.0
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Published Date:
Pages: 250

'Investing with Confidence: Understanding Political Risk Management in the 21st Century' is the latest book in a series based on the MIGA-Georgetown University Symposium on International Political Risk Management. The most recent symposium brought together almost 200 senior practitioners from the political risk insurance (PRI) industry, including investors, insurers, brokers, lenders, academics, and members of the legal community. This volume addresses the key issues relevant for investors today, including arbitration, understanding and pricing for risk, and new developments in investments through timely assessments from 15 experts in the fields of international investment, finance, insurance, law, and academia. Contributors to this volume examine key political risk issues including claims and arbitration, perspectives on pricing from private, public and multilateral providers, and explore new frontiers in sovereign wealth funds and Islamic finance. The volume begins with a look back to the founding of International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and MIGA and the respective visions for both of these important institutions. It continues with a review of new developments in global finance and risk management, including Islamic finance and sovereign wealth funds, and provides an investor perspective of what drives the decision making process on procuring political risk insurance. The volume then turns to consider methodologies of pricing from the private, public, and multilateral perspectives, and examines the expropriation and the pledge of shares. This section focuses on key legal questions such as understanding expropriation and the outcome of arbitration hearings, the latter being particularly relevant given the number of cases currently before arbitral panels. The volume concludes with an overview of the key thoughts raised by the authors and the implications for investors going forward. 'Investing with Confidence' offers valuable insights for practitioners and investors alike and is particularly relevant in today's uncertain markets.