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The Complete World Development Report, 1978-2009 (Single User DVD): 30th Anniversary Edition

ISBN13: 9780821372708
ISBN: 082137270X
List Price: $250.0
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Published Date:

The World Bank's 'World Development Report', published annually since 1978, is an invaluable guide to the economic, social, and environmental state of the world today. Each report provides in-depth analysis and policy recommendations on a specific and important aspect of development - from agriculture, the role of the state, transition economies, and labor to infrastructure, health, the environment, and poverty. Through the quality and timeliness of the information it provides, the report has become a highly influential publication that is used by many multilateral and bilateral international organizations, national governments, scholars, civil society networks and groups to support their decision-making processes. To commemorate the 'World Development Report''s 30th anniversary, the World Bank has brought together the full collection of reports in an easy-to-use, fully searchable digital archive: 'The Complete World Development Report'. This reference tool allows users to quickly and easily search both within and across reports as well as to browse reports by title or topic. Additionally, through the up-to-date database derived from 'World Development Indicators', users can access up to 30 years of statistical data for 50 development indicators for 210 countries and 19 country groups.