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Cali, Colombia: Toward a City Development Strategy (Country Studies)

ISBN13: 9780821351741
ISBN: 0821351745
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $22.0
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Published Date:
Pages: 124

Many of the problems that Cali is currently experiencing are an indication of Colombia's complicated social economic situation. The high levels of crime, increasing poverty, and a distressed financial situation are signs that Cali has been hit harder than other large cities. In order to assist Cali, the World Bank has, along with the city of Cali, collaborated on a City Development Strategy (CDS). The aim of this report is to summarize the analytical work carried out as part of the City Development Strategy (CDS) process and to put forth for further discussion an initial set of recommendations to help the city recover from its present crisis. This report presents basic information about Cali and places the city's problems within a national context. It also offers a detailed diagnostic and initial proposal for strategic options and presents its findings and recommendations.