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Daybooks and Notebooks: Volume I: Daybooks, 1876-November 1881 (The Collected Writings of Walt Whitman)
ISBN13: 9780814794319
ISBN: 0814794319
List Price: $25.0
Publisher: NYU Press

General Series Editors: Gay Wilson Allen and Sculley BradleyOriginally published between 1961 and 1984, and now available in paperback for the first time, the critically acclaimed Collected Writings of Walt Whitman captures every facet of one of America's most important poets.Daybooks and Notebooks is an invaluable source for reference on Whitman's daily activities. This sixteen year record supplements the biographical information provided in the six volumes of Whitman's Correspondence, functioning as an account book, diary, journal, commonplace book, and notebook all in one.When Whitman began to keep them, the Daybooks were a personal record of predominantly business matters. As William White wrote in the introduction, 'He was not only the author but the publisher of his works: he was likewise his own business manager, ship, and promoter. Whatever records he kept, of his sales and distribution, of printing and binding figures, of poetry and prose he sent to newspapers and magazines . . . he entered on the right hand pages.' Volume I thus offers a rare look at Whitman as a businessman, tending as much to practical matters as to art.