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Sendero Luminoso in Context
ISBN13: 9780810835597
ISBN: 0810835592
List Price: $77.0
Publisher: Scarecrow Press

El Sendero Luminoso The Shining Path is Peru's long standing Maoist revolutionary group that has significantly shifted the entire landscape of Peruvian political, social, and cultural life in fundamental ways. Emerging from the fractured leftist movements of the 1960s, The Shining Path has garnered world wide attention as a unique, self sufficient revolutionary group. The focus of the bibliography is on major works dealing with The Shining Path, articles and studies published in Latin American and other related scholarly journals, and Peruvian books that deal directly with the effects wrought by The Shining Path upon Peru. Also included are titles that do not deal directly with The Shining Path but discuss in depth the political context which nurtured the development of revolutionary groups such as The Shining Path and MRTA (Tupac Amaru), the Peruvian guerrilla group that captured world attention in 1997 by holding the Japanese embassy hostage for months. Approximately 1500 entries are included in this thorough bibliography. Short annotations highlight important aspects of the source. The bibliography is segmented into helpful subject areas that provide a cohesive sphere of information concerning the intersections of The Shining Path and Peruvian life, as well as interest in the revolutionary movement abroad. A helpful index completes this work.