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Robert E. Howard's Weird Works Volume 3: People Of The Dark
ISBN13: 9780809511761
ISBN: 0809511762
List Price: $35.0
Publisher: Wildside Press

The third volume of the Weird Works of Robert E. Howard continues reprinting Howard's fantasy from Weird Tales and Strange Tales in order of original publication. All texts have been meticulously restored to their original pulp appearances. Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale. This volume contains: 'The Black Stone,' 'Children of the Night,' 'The Dark Man,' 'The Footfalls Within,' 'Gods of Gal Sagoth,' 'Horror from the Mound,' 'Kings of the Night,' 'The Last Day,' 'People of the Dark,' 'The Song of the Mad Minstrel,' and 'The Thing on the Roof.'