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The Unity of Picasso's Art
ISBN13: 9780807614792
ISBN: 0807614793
List Price: $35.0
Publisher: George Braziller

This volume presents three of Meyer Schapiro's finest essays on Pablo Picasso (1881 1973). Given that we esteem artists whose work epitomizes particular styles, how can we likewise value Picasso, an artist who demonstrates a wide range of artistic styles? In his first essay, The Unity of Picasso's Art, Schapiro dismantles this apparent paradox by finding unity through hidden associations among seemingly disparate works and unsuspected ties to Picasso's personal experiences. In Einstein and Cubism: Science and Art, Schapiro investigates potential connections between the two most important radical innovations in science and art of the early 20th century: Einstein's 1905 Theory of Relativity and Braque and Picasso's Cubism at the end of the same decade. Schapiro uses the assumed relationship between the two to analyse the classic themes of space, time and movement in art, celebrating the innovations of both Relativity and Cubism as models of the searching, questioning mind, in short, of freedom of thought. In the final essay, Schapiro shows that Guernica, although the greatest political work of art of the 20th century, nevertheless embodied many of Picasso's artistic and personal obessions. This book offers comprehensive analysis of the 20th century's most prolific artist Pablo Picasso. It will appeal to all those who have followed Picasso's career and to those intrigued by the multi faceted connections between art and social changes.