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Company Man

ISBN13: 9780792735397
ISBN: 0792735390
Average Goodreads rating: 3.92/5

Nick Conover, son of a factory worker, is the CEO of a major corporation. Once the most admired man in Fenwick, Michigan, Nick, having presided over massive layoffs, is now the most despised. A single parent, he's struggling to insulate his ten-year-old daughter and angry sixteen-year-old son from the town's hostility. When his family is threatened by a stalker, events spin out of control and Nick is faced with a dead body and damning circumstances. Audrey Rhimes, a police investigator with her own agenda, is determined to connect Nick to the homicide. Nick, in the meantime, begins to unravel a web of intrigue within his own corporation that threatens to gut the company and bring him down with it.