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Ice Hunt

ISBN13: 9780792729709
ISBN: 0792729706
List Price: $55.95
Publisher: Sound Library
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 4.03/5 (12 ratings)

In the frozen abyss of the Polar Ice Cap, an American deep-sea scientific research team discovers a Russian ice station hidden deep within a submerged iceberg. As word of the existence of the secret base leaks out, Russian and American intelligence agencies rush to the scene to cover up any trace of the horrifying scientific research-into cryogenics that could alter the future of mankind-that once took place there. An Alaskan native and his ex-wife find themselves accidentally trapped in a conflict of global proportions as they discover what sort of experiments were so atrocious that those involved will stop at nothing to preserve the silence. The truth of the Russian-American missions and the greed that lies on both sides will eventually tear the teams apart, leaving each person to fend for himself.