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Microsoft Office 2000 Advanced Concepts and Techniques - Spiral Bound :

ISBN13: 9780789559470
ISBN: 0789559471
List Price: $69.95
Publisher: Course Technology Ptr (Sd)
Published Date:
Pages: 872

The Shelly Cashman Series offers cutting-edge books that make it easy to learn about computers. Shelly and Cashman's step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach to learning guarantees success. Full-color screen shots follow every step, making it nearly impossible for readers to lose their way.
-- Project opening pages provide depth and perspective for each project
-- Exercises at the end of each project including the unique "Cases and Places", reinforce learning
-- Pending approval for Microsoft Office User Specialist certification
-- Teaches users to: access pictures from the World Wide Web, create Web pages, perform Excel Web queries, add hyperlinks to Office documents, and much more
-- "Other Ways" Boxes show the user several ways to perform tasks
-- Completion Time: 90+hrs. -- Office Suite

30-40hrs. -- Comprehensive

20-30hrs. -- Complete