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Talmud of the Land of Israel XXVIII

ISBN13: 9780788505928
ISBN: 0788505920
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $51.95
Publisher: University Of South Florida
Published Date:

Neusner (religious studies, U. of South Florida and Bard College) demonstrates that the Yerushalmi is not a random collection, but rather an orderly and purposive compilation forming a commentary to the Mishnah by identifying the complete units of discourse of the document. This volume provides a translation of the four chapters of the Yerushalmi Niddah. Neusner uses several methods to help make this commentary accessible. For example, he sets off the text (Mishna) in bold type, while the commentary is in regular type and he highlights the Talmudic commentaries which were written in Aramaic (vs. those written in Hebrew) with italics.