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Crime and Punishment in America

ISBN13: 9780787691622
ISBN: 0787691623
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $278.0
Publisher: UXL
Published Date:
Edition 1
Pages: 912

Covering the evolution of the American criminal justice system throughout history, the four-volume "Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library" explores everything from juvenile justice to organized crime. "Crime and Punishment in America: Almanac" examines key topics, including moral and religious beliefs, economic implications of crime and punishment, penology and reform, changing attitudes towards violence, the death penalty and more.

"Crime and Punishment in America: Biographies" includes entries on important figures, such as Jane Addams, Allan Pinkerton, Clarence Darrow, Senator Estes Kefauver and others.

"Crime and Punishment in America: Primary Sources" includes many documents, from the Sherman Antitrust Law and the Harrison Narcotic Drug Act to Eleanor Roosevelt's letter against lynching and the Report on Lawlessness in Law Enforcement.