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Tales from the Old West: Library Edition

ISBN13: 9780786175277
ISBN: 0786175273
List Price: $36.0
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.67/5 (45 ratings)

This collection of Western tales contains three stories by the finest Western writers who ever lived.

"Canyon Walls" by Zane Grey
Smoke Bellew enters a remote Mormon settlement only a jump ahead of a posse. Finding employment as a ranch hand working for a dowager Mormon, Smoke finds that his life undergoes a transformation and he is able to make her ranch a financial success, at the same time falling in love with her wanton daughter, Rebecca. But it is too good to last. The law follows him.

"Black Sheep" by Max Brand
finds young Mary Valentine;upstart, tomboy, and general troublemaker;seeking to protect a man wanted by the law. To complicate her life even further, her two cousins, who have been dodging the law, return home and decide with their father to join the notorious Markle gang in holding up the local bank.

"The Sixth Shotgun" by Louis L'Amour
Leo Carver is about to be hung. The only problem is that a lot of folks are indebted to Leo for one thing or another.