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The Stonehenge Gate

ISBN13: 9780786146550
ISBN: 0786146559
List Price: $59.95
Publisher: Blackstone Audio Inc.
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 2.85/5 (1 ratings)

A dark mystery has been buried beneath the sands of the Sahara for eons. In a basement in New Mexico, four poker buddies find reason to believe that a startling secret is out there, and these four amateur adventurers are about to uncover it. Curiosity propels mild-mannered professor Will and his three friends to the Sahara to excavate a site where radar has detected trilithic stones hidden beneath the sand. There they stumble upon an ancient artifact that will change their lives--and the world--forever: a gateway between planets, linking Earth to distant worlds where they will discover wonders and terrors beyond imagining. Now each traveler must play a crucial role in unraveling an ancient mystery, the solution to which may reveal the true origins of the human race--if they can survive the journey back to Earth.