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The Raft: The Courageous Struggle of 3 Naval Armers Against the Sea

ISBN13: 9780786110087
ISBN: 0786110082
List Price: $32.95
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 4.10/5

On January 16, 1942, three men boarded a single-engine aircraft for an antisubmarine patrol flight. They became lost and when the fuel ran low, they decided to ditch into the Pacific. Before they could inflate their life raft, the plane sank beneath them, carrying with it most of the survival gear. Thirty-four days later the raft landed on an atoll in the Danger Islands, having meandered 1,200 miles. The story of the voyage, with few resources except courage is a tribute to the human species and its will to survive.