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Untold Tales of the New Universe
ISBN13: 9780785121855
ISBN: 0785121854
List Price: $15.99
Publisher: Marvel

Five startling stories of the New Universe from the days of the '80s! In Nightmask, the deadly Gnome has lured Nightmask into one final duel to the death in an artificial dreamscape that's been created specifically to destroy him, using Nightmask's own sister as bait! Star Brand finds Ken Connell meeting an inter dimensional researcher looking for the wearer of the Star Brand. Is he worthy to wield the most powerful weapon in the galaxy? In Psi Force, gathered by agent Emmet Proudhawk, five teens with mental powers can summon the Psi Hawk, an entity greater than the sum of their parts. But with Proudhawk murdered by agents who want to control them, the mighty Psi Hawk is about to meet its match! Justice is the story of the New Universe's judge, jury and executioner: John Tensen a.k.a. Justice. He has made it his personal mission to make certain that paranormals are using their powers wisely. But when he executes an abusive paranormal in the presence of the para's daughter, he is forced to question the 'justice' of his own actions. In DP7, on the run from their captors at The Clinic, our Displaced Paranormals take shelter and hope to find the peace they so rightfully deserve on an Indian Reservation. However, they soon discover persecution extends beyond those with enhanced genetic abilities and must side with their Native American brethren to overcome an evil that threatens to engulf them all. Collects Untold Tales of the New Universe: Nightmask, Star Brand, Psi Force, Justice, Dp7 and Amazing Fantasy 18