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Harwood-Nuss' Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine (Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine (Harwood-Nuss))
ISBN13: 9780781751254
ISBN: 078175125X
List Price: $210.0
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Organized for easy reference, this comprehensive, concise, and clinically focused text covers all aspects of emergency medicine. Chapters follow a consistent, structured format key points, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, evaluation, management, disposition, and common pitfalls. This edition places greater emphasis on evidence based medicine and includes tables with statistical data. A resuscitation section has been added. Medical and surgical emergencies have been merged together in sections organized by anatomic system. Each chapter includes references essential for American Board of Emergency Medicine recertification, highlighted in bold. A bound in CD ROM contains 496 multiple choice questions and answers cross referenced to the relevant book chapters.