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The Son of Royal Langbrith (Notable American Authors Series)

ISBN13: 9780781232579
ISBN: 0781232570
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $75.0
Publisher: Reprint Services Corp
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.67/5

A Modern Instance. The Son of Royal Langbrith begins: We're neither of us young people, I know, and I can very well believe that you had not thought of marrying again. I can account for your surprise at my offer, even your disgust- Dr. Anther hesitated. Oh no Mrs. Langbrith protested. But I can't see why it should be terrible as you call it. If you had asked me simply to take no for an answer, I could have taken it. Or taken it better. He looked at her with a wounded air, and she said, I didn't mean terrible in that way. I was only thinking of it for myself, or not so much myself as-some one. She glanced at him, where, tenderly indignant with her, he stood by the window, quite across the room, and she seemed to wish to say more but let her eyes drop without saying more.