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Annie Kilburn (Notable American Authors)

ISBN13: 9780781232418
ISBN: 0781232414
List Price: $75.0
Publisher: Reprint Services Corporation
Published Date:
Pages: 331
Average Goodreads rating: 3.53/5

After the death of Judge Kilburn his daughter came back to America. They had been eleven winters in Rome, always meaning to return, but staying on from year to year, as people do who have nothing definite to call them home. Toward the last Miss Kilburn tacitly gave up the expectation of getting her father away, though they both continued to say that they were going to take passage as soon as the weather was settled in the spring. At the date they had talked of for sailing he was lying in the Protestant cemetery, and she was trying to gather herself together, and adjust her life to his loss. This would have been easier with a younger person, for she had been her father's pet so long, and then had taken care of his helplessness with a devotion which was finally so motherly, that it was like losing at once a parent and a child when he died, and she remained with the habit of giving herself when there was no longer any one to receive the sacrifice.

And where is that? The old lady asked, with the sharpness which people believe must somehow be good for a broken spirit.