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ISBN13: 9780768521467
ISBN: 0768521467
Publisher: Dominie Elementary

Dominie Readers Giraffe Kindergarten Beginning First Grade Supports phonemic awareness and phonics instructionBuilds fluency & vocabularyDevelops text comprehension skills These captivating little books for K 2 children are filled with delightful rhymes, humorous stories, exciting plot lines, and beautiful illustrations. Designed to promote early success in reading, they are uncomplicated, with easy to read type, bright and engaging illustrations, and language repetition to reinforce fundamental reading skills. Dominie Readers have amusing and engaging story lines, with delightful characters that motivate children to read and develop comprehension. With a good mix of humor, appropriate for young readers, the books help build rich vocabulary through interesting events. Youngsters particulary love the imaginative rhymes and rhythmic language in Dominie Readers, which cover a broad range of genres. Suitable for small group and independent reading, as well as whole class instruction, these readers support the researched skills highlighted in the Reading First initiative. Supports phonemic awareness and phonics instruction.Builds fluency, vocabulary, and other comprehension skills.Supports instruction with Curriculum Extension Activities, including book talks, book chats, creative writing, and cross curriculum connections.