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Comparing Cultural Policy: A Study of Japan and the United States

ISBN13: 9780761989387
ISBN: 0761989382
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $35.95
Publisher: Altamira Press
Published Date:
Pages: 320

There is among many nations a growing awareness that the arts and culture have an important role to play in forming the image that nations hold of themselves and that they convey in the international arena. At the same time, increased pressure on the public purse, new trade environments, and the revolution in communications technology are forcing the reexamination of cultural policy objectives and strategies for achieving those objectives in countries throughout the world. This book, based on the research and expertise of practitioners and scholars in the field of cultural policy, provides a broadly based cross-cultural analysis of policy in two countries with very different cultural traditions. The authors move beyond cultural boundaries to define 'art' and 'culture, ' explore the role of cultural policies in a nation's cultural development, and evaluate policy effectiveness and relevance. Case studies of organizations in art, music, dance, and drama, in both the United States and Japan, examine the elements that contribute to effective arts management and policy-making. Arts managers, cultural policy-makers, researchers, practitioners, and educators will find this an excellent resource that provides valuable teaching materials in the field of cultural policy and facilitates cross-cultural learning about arts management