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Parsing the Torah (Studies in Judaism)

ISBN13: 9780761832669
ISBN: 0761832661
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $58.99
Publisher: University Press Of America
Published Date:
Pages: 348
Average Goodreads rating: 4.00/5 (1 ratings)

After publishing a number of books in the history, literature, social thought, history of religion, and theology of formative Judaism, in the first six centuries C.E., Neusner explains the principal stages in the unfolding of his oeuvre. He introduces the documentary reading of the canonical components, one by one. He proceeds to the description, analysis, and interpretation of religious systems that comprise Rabbinic Judaism. He then sets forth the documentary history of the formation of Rabbinic Judaism in antiquity, its transformation from a philosophical to a religious system for Israel's social order. From that diachronic perspective turns to the generative logic that transcends the diachronic narrative and imposes synchrony upon the whole. That marks a shift to a synchronic perspective, now spelling out the theological outcome of the entire venture: how the whole holds together in a coherent and logical way.