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Aquatic Life of the World

ISBN13: 9780761471707
ISBN: 0761471707
Publisher: Benchmark Books (NY)
Pages: 64

Water, the most abundant substance on Earth, supports a phenomenal array of life. In the 11-volume Aquatic Life of the World, every major aquatic organism is covered as well as a multitude of lesser-known and rare life-forms. This set reveals not only water-dwelling plants and animals but also the algae and bacteria that constitute the crucial first links in the food chain. The health and survival of aquatic life and its environment are deeply connected to our own health and survival and are increasingly influenced by human behavior. This connection makes gaining an understanding of aquatic life a critical facet of education. The highly informative articles in these volumes reveal the various aquatic habitats, as well as the adaptations by organisms that have resulted in amazing biological diversity in the oceans, lakes and rivers of our planet.