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American Horsepower: 100 Years of Great Car Engines

ISBN13: 9780760323274
ISBN: 0760323275
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $34.95
Publisher: Motorbooks
Published Date:
Pages: 176

At the heart of every great car, there lies a great engine. The high-performance muscle car; the high-mileage family car; the high-speed race car: no matter the vintage or voltage, the torque or the task, the car with the power to move Americans—and the world—boasts an engine of remarkable ingenuity, dependability, and power. American Horsepower: 100 Years of Great Car Engines pays tribute to 25 outstanding American-made engines valued for their raw horsepower or their design simplicity, their longevity or their design innovation—or, in rare instances, all of the above. Bringing an auto enthusiast’s touch to the subject, author and photographer Mike Mueller details each engine’s conception, creators, specifications, performance records, and more. His knowledgeable, accessible text, accompanied by historical images, crisp detail shots, and studio-quality photographs, conveys with precision and unfailing interest the driving power of the great American engine.