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Disney Fairies Collection #3: Rani & the Mermaid Lagoon; Fira and the Full Moon: Books 5 & 6 (Disney Fairies Collection)

ISBN13: 9780739336854
ISBN: 0739336851
List Price: $19.99
Publisher: Imagination Studio
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 4.12/5 (89 ratings)

Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon

Rani doesn’t fit in. Ever since she had to cut off her wings to save Mother Dove, she doesn’t feel like she belongs with any fairies at all. Rani sets off on a perilous journey to find a home, a journey that leads her underwater, deep into the lagoon, where the mermaids live. Maybe there Rani will discover who her true friends are!

Fira and the Full Moon

Fira is a take-charge, light-talent fairy, who never asks for help. So when all the fireflies come down with the firefly flu, who organizes light for Pixie Hollow? Fira. And when the mining-talent set off on their monthly expedition into the underground caves, who lights the way? Fira, of course. But she’s exhausted, and the deeper the miners go, the more her glow flickers and fades. Fira’s full moon may turn out to be her darkest hour!