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ISBN13: 9780736694704
ISBN: 0736694706
List Price: $72.0
Publisher: Books on Tape
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 4.13/5

The young seafaring hero Thomas Paine Kydd is back on board in Seaflower, the third installment in Julian Stockwin's thrilling naval adventure series set in the Great Age of Sail.

England, 1794. Kydd and the crew of shipwrecked sailors have returned to England for the court-martial of the sole surviving officer of Her Majesty's frigate Artemis. Kydd, who was on duty as quartermaster of the starboard watch, knows what happened the night Artemis went down. His evidence can destroy an officer's career--and, as it turns out, his own.

When Kydd and his mate Nicholas Renzi are forcibly shipped off to the Caribbean, a whole new set of challenges lies in wait. From the dockyards of Antigua to the shores of Guadeloupe, from warring French and English battleships to a death-defying voyage aboard the plucky naval cutter Seaflower, Kydd's mettle under fire--as a sailor and a man--will receive the ultimate test. How he and Renzi survive the primal forces of nature at sea, and among their fellow men, is at the heart of this exhilarating, rewarding journey.