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The Pilot's Wife (Oprah's Book Club)

ISBN13: 9780736657082
ISBN: 0736657088
List Price: $34.95
Publisher: Books on Tape
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 3.53/5 (11 ratings)

A pilot's wife is taught to be prepared for the late-night knock at the door. But when Kathryn Lyons receives word that a plane flown by her husband, Jack, has exploded near the coast of Ireland, she confronts the unfathomable-one startling revelation at a time. Soon drawn into a maelstrom of publicity fueled by rumors that Jack led a secret life, Kathryn sets out to learn who her husband really was, whatever that knowledge might cost. Her search propels this taut, impassioned novel as it movingly explores the question, How well can we ever really know another person?