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ISBN13: 9780671024086
ISBN: 0671024086
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
List Price: $7.99
Publisher: Pocket Star
Published Date:
Pages: 576
Average Goodreads rating: 3.86/5 (158 ratings)

In "Mesmerized," Gayle Lynds delivers a modern-day story of passion and treachery, packed with authentic detail, politics, history, and romance. From the corridors of the FBI's Hoover building to the dangerous streets of the new Moscow, "Mesmerized" will take you on the roller-coaster ride of a lifetime, climaxing in a great showdown at the home of American democracy itself. After a heart transplant saves brilliant Washington attorney Beth Convey, she inexplicably acquires new tastes and abilities, and finds herself haunted by strange dreams -- or are they memories? Her search for answers leads Beth to former FBI operative-turned-reporter Jeff Hammond. Together they hunt down the truth and discover terrifying top-secret information that could re-ignite the Cold War.