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Fatal Error

ISBN13: 9780595371679
ISBN: 0595371671
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $14.95
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Published Date:
Pages: 194

'The end of your life is near. You won't know when or where, but I will. You're going to die and I'm going to watch. Don't contact the police! I'm watching you!" With that terrifying email, Carleen Taylor's nightmare begins. But who sent the email? And more importantly, who can she trust to help her? When the emails keep coming, Carleen turns to the only person she knows she can trust-Serge Teske. The leather-clad biker broke her heart and rode out of her life years ago. Now, he's riding back in, a millionaire on a Harley, his only mission, to find out who's stalking the love of his life. To do that, Serge must face the demons of his past. With the help of this leather-clad biker and his computer-hacking friend Kali, their hunt through cyber space will unravel a mystery that reaches into darkest corners of Carleen's life. No one is beyond suspicion in this small Berkshire community, not the doctor who loves her, or the ex-husband who hates her.