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A Briefer History of Time
ISBN13: 9780553385465
ISBN: 0553385461
List Price: $22.0
Publisher: Bantam

1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHORSThe science classic made more accessible More concise IllustratedFROM ONE OF THE MOST BRILLIANT MINDS OF OUR TIME COMES A BOOK THAT CLARIFIES HIS MOST IMPORTANT IDEAS Stephen Hawking s worldwide bestseller A Brief History of Time remains a landmark volume in scientific writing. But for years readers have asked for a more accessible formulation of its key concepts the nature of space and time, the role of God in creation, and the history and future of the universe. A Briefer History of Time is Professor Hawking s response.Although briefer, this book is much more than a mere explanation of Hawking s earlier work. A Briefer History of Time both clarifies and expands on the great subjects of the original, and records the latest developments in the field from string theory to the search for a unified theory of all the forces of physics. Thirty seven full color illustrations enhance the text and make A Briefer History of Time an exhilarating and must have addition in its own right to the great literature of science and ideas.