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666: The Number Of The Beast

ISBN13: 9780545000093
ISBN: 0545000092
Binding: Mass Market Paperback
List Price: $7.99
Publisher: Point
Published Date:
Pages: 400
Average Goodreads rating: 3.63/5 (43 ratings)

Tales of Evil. Tales of Darkness. Tales of Beasts.

There's the...

Vampire who visits the same girl every night.

Dangerous rumor that turns all too deadly.

Zombie who couldn't look more innocent.

Boarding school plagued by a tortured ghost.

And so much more in this spine-tingling, bone-chilling collections of 18 stories from 18 masters of horror. So lock the door. Turn on the lights. Don't answer the phone. Open the book...if you dare...

Channel 99 / Peter Abrahams --
The legend of Anna Barton / Laurie Faria Stolarz --
Saving face / Christopher Pike --
The little sacrifice / Joyce Carol Oates --
If you knew Suzie / Heather Graham --
Slam dance / Bentley Little --
A trick of the light / Chet Williamson --
Erased / Jane Mason --
Empire of dirt / Amelia Atwater-Rhodes --
Incident report / Joshua Gee --
Scapegoat / Robin Wasserman --
Imagining things / T.E.D. Klein --
Grandma Kelly / David Moody --
Shelter Island / Melissa de la Cruz --
La fleur de nuit / P.D. Cacek --
Ever after / Isobel Bird --
Haunted / Ellen Schreiber --
Wolfsbane / Sarah Hines Stephens.