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Tank of Tomorrow: Stryker (High Interest Books: High-Tech Military Weapons)

ISBN13: 9780531120941
ISBN: 0531120945
List Price: $24.5
Publisher: Children's Press(CT)
Published Date:
Pages: 48

- High-low title to appeal to kids fascinated by all things military.
- Series features include photos, diagrams, glossary, and resources
- Describes vividly-but does not glorify-a sophisticated and lethal weapon of destruction.
- High interest in communities near military bases.
- Easy-to-read text for low-level readers.
Curriculum standards: Grades 5-8 Science Standards
Science and Technology
- Evaluate completed technological designs/products
- Communicate the process of technological design
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
- Understanding the risks of natural, chemical, biological, social & personal hazards
- Science influences society through its knowledge & world view
Grades 5-8 Standards for Social Studies
Time, Continuity & Change
- Identify key concepts (causality, conflict) to explain patterns of change/continuity
- Identify processes for reinterpreting past using variety of sources & weighing evidence
- Use knowledge of material from history to make decisions on public issues
Power, Authority, & Governance
- Describe the ways nations respond to forces of unity and diversity affecting order and security
- Describe the role of technology in communications, transportation, weapons development as it contributes to/helps resolve conflicts
Science, Technology, & Society
- Examine the influence of culture on technological choices/advancements such as warfare
Global Connections
- Explore causes, effects, solutions to persistent global issues such as security