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Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster: The Discovery of the Smallpox Vacci: The Discovery of the Smallpox Vaccine

ISBN13: 9780525469223
ISBN: 0525469222
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $19.99
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Published Date:
Pages: 96
Average Goodreads rating: 3.56/5 (126 ratings)

In 1796, an unknown country doctor named Edward Jenner developed and administered the world's first vaccine-turning the tide in humanity's age-old war against disease.

Award-winning author Albert Marrin explains the significance of "immortal" Jenner's gift to mankind as he narrates the epic story of smallpox, a disease so contagious and deadly it has dramatically influenced the course of history. From the mummified remains of its first known victim to the sinister threat of the "frozen monster" that lurks in the vials of ultramodern laboratories, readers will be held spellbound by this readable and timely combination of science and history.