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Mongolia (Enchantment of the World, Second)

ISBN13: 9780516249032
ISBN: 0516249037
List Price: $38.0
Publisher: Children's Press(CT)
Published Date:
Pages: 144
Average Goodreads rating: 3.67/5 (9 ratings)

- A comprehensive series designed to showcase particular features of a country.
- Provides maps, timeline, fast facts, charts, and vivid four-color photographs.
- Full-colored maps, photos, and interesting sidebars complement the text.
- Also included are a timeline, fast facts, and a to find out more section.
Curriculum Standards:
Grades 5-8 Social Studies
Culture: I
- Explain how language, literature, the arts, architecture, traditions, beliefs, values, and behaviors contribute to the development and transmissions of culture.
Time, Continuity, & Change: II
- Identify and use key concepts such as chronology, change, and conflict to explain and show connections among patterns of historical change and continuity.
People, Places, & Environments: III
- Elaborate mental maps of locales, regions, and the world that demonstrate understanding of relative location, direction, size, and shape.