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Getting Started with RM/COBOL Second Edition

ISBN13: 9780471306726
ISBN: 047130672X
Binding: Software
Publisher: Wiley
Published Date:
Edition 2
Pages: 224

This COBOL compiler and its accompanying manual cover the latest educational release of RM/COBOL 85, Version 5.24. This package enables students to do their homework on PCs in the home instead of a crowded lab. Manufactured by Liant Corporation, this program is fully compatible with the ANSI COBOL 85 standard. It includes a compiler, runtime system and a program development package that can create, compile, run and debug programs. The accompanying manual provides step-by-step explanations and illustrations of RM/COBOL 85 text editing, compiling, runtime options, debugging and a new section on troubleshooting. The package includes an example diskette that contains programs, input data and output for the first programming assignment in each chapter of Structured Cobol Programming, 7th edition.