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Funny Frank
ISBN13: 9780440418801
ISBN: 0439539544
List Price: $5.5
Publisher: Yearling

Being a duck isn t all it s quacked up to be. brbrBut don t try telling that to Frank he s a chicken with a dream. All he thinks about are webbed feet, waterproof feathers, and the cool water of the pond. So when Frank takes a dip and nearly drowns, his mood turns foul. Luckily, he gets a little human help in the form of a man made wet suit and a pair of flippers and soon he s the speediest bird in the water. And while Frank knows he s ruffled a few feathers, he doesn t care there s just too much for him to crow about. brbrUntil a certain young chick catches his eye, that is. . . .brbrbriFrom the Hardcover edition./i